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Marie Digby - Say It Again ( Official Video )

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Yippie! Marie's official video of Say It Again is finally published to public! This song is her original song. And believe it or not, this song is as popular as her acoustic version of 'Umbrella'! ( I got this info from this site ). She is stunning as usual!

Back to her official video of 'Say It Again', it reminds me of my school's theater and when I was participated in Choral Speaking when I was in matriculation. ( Except, her props is way much better than us! ) I love those huge Love props! Can I have one Marie? Hey, Marie was almost losing her head when working on this official video! This is definitely a must watch video!

Lets sing along with Marie! I know you are trying to jot down every words thrown out by Marie right? Well, keep your sweat dear. I have included what you might need here :

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