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9 Facts You Should Know About Marie Digby

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If you are a real Marie Digby's fan, you should know this 9 recent facts about Marie Digby :

  • Digby's song "Better Off Alone" was featured on ABC Family's Greek Season 1 Episode 21.
  • Digby's songs "Spell" and "Say It Again" were recently featured in episodes of Smallville, the closing for season 7 episode 7, "Wrath", and for episode 12, "Fracture", respectively (The last one being favorite song of one character).
  • As one of the musicians chosen by Gap for their new "The Sound of Color" campaign, Digby wrote and recorded "Paint Me In Your Sunshine", inspired by the color yellow.
  • Her song "Beauty In Walking Away" was recently heard during an episode of The Hills.
  • The design of the cover of her album Unfold (album) was mostly based on the doodles she drew during her downtime in the recording of the album
  • She appears playing her song, "Better Off Alone" in Dobler's in ABC Family drama Greek. Episode 21 "Barely Legal"
  • "Say It Again" plays briefly on the final episode of ER's fourteenth season, "The Chicago Way"
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