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Marie Digby - Voice On The Radio ( Original Song )

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This video reveals a piece of Marie Digby's secret. hehe... She loves a rock star! Guys, you should be practising on your voice and guitar skills ya!


I played a show in Richmond, Virginia a few days ago.. I had some time to kill before the show so I decided to find an empty room at the venue to do a video.
I walked all around the building until I found what looked to be a former nursery or children's room. It was a little creepy but it had a great echo.. and no, I did not add any reverb to this video ! It's all because of the high ceilings and hard wood floors.
So here's a bit of my original song' voice on the radio'.. hope you enjoy :)

.... Several years ago... I fell in love with the lead singer of a rock band. I went to see a show and there was something about his voice, his songs, his demeanor that completely captivated me. I wrote this song about the way it felt to stand amongst a bunch of screaming girls who were basically willing to do anything to get this guys attention.. and feeling so stupid ... stupid enough that I turned and went home and decided instead to write a song that exactly described what it felt like to knowingly fall for someone I don't even know - knowing that's ridiculous - but not being able to deny the feeling nonetheless ....

- Marie Digby :)

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affendik? said:

u have a blog specially on Marie Digby eh? guess u must be a huge fan of hers... =)

Ladyheart said:

hehe... obviously! I am her humangous fan! hahaha! Thanks for visiting affendik! keep on visiting me sometimes!