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The writer can't promised nothing but the best of Marie Digby. The writer believed, you'll completely fall in love with Marie Digby's beautiful voice. Drop a comment - it meant so much to the writer.

>>> Marie Digby in The Grammy Nominees 2009 ???

Is it true that Marie Digby is in The Grammy Nominees 2009 as well? Well, I am not sure about this. However, the possibility is there. I know the fact that there are bunch of people out there who have not even came across her name, yet. I still remember few months ago when I was asked by one of my clicks about what do I blogged about. I simply tell them - "Marie Digby!" ( in a tone as thought as they know who I am referring to), but they went - "Huh? Come Again?" or as short as "Who?!". Gosh. This is the reality. No matter how good she might be, she's still too young in the so-called-glamorous world compared to other singers whose their name bloom up high in the sky out of no where like Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers.

However, do you still remember who have been awarded as the New Artist for The 200* Grammy Award? He is one and only Ledisi, guys! Have not heard of him before? Well, don't worry because I haven't too. You see, the academy voters have decided to give it to the artist who are completely unknown or unfamous by 95 percent of the general public! So, who knows... Marie Digby might be the one for The 2009 Grammy Award? Hehe. You can search for the nominees here.

I have nothing to say about the other nominees for The Grammy Nominees 2009 , but the Jonas Brothers would certainly not getting my nod. I mean, yeah... they are all hot, cute.. in fact, I have a little crush on Joe! (Ops, don't hit me girls!) But, not to an extend to be awarded. Face the truth, people! There are lots of better singer compared to the Jonas Brothers. I have Jason Marz and Gavin Degraw in my list. Just go to Youtube, watch and LISTEN to their voice. They are way much better compared to the Jonas Brothers. I didn't mean they are not good, but they have not reach that level, YET. Know some of you might hit me on this, but this is what I think. And I won't charge people to agree on what I am thinking. So, I don't bother whether you agree with me, or not. *peace!*

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