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The writer can't promised nothing but the best of Marie Digby. The writer believed, you'll completely fall in love with Marie Digby's beautiful voice. Drop a comment - it meant so much to the writer.

Marié Digby Speaking Japanese

Marie Digby speaking Japanese? And her Nihongo is pretty good! lol! That's not extraordinary, she is half Irish-Japanese. I know some of you might comes out with this thought. OMG! I am psyhic! hehe. Ok, seriously, what I want to highlight here is that she does know her own language, even though she was not raised in Japan. The point here is, we should know our own culture and language is a part of it. ( Am I good at lecturing ? huhu )

A bit dizzy? This is what she said actually - "Hello my name is Marie. My Japanese is ok. I can understand what people are saying in Japanese, but speaking is difficult so I'm embarrassed." Thanks to our translator cocomocastyle

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